Stunt Pets / TV Stars
Animal Planet's Jeff Corwin
DeAnna Lee and Rocky
Rocky Squirrel made it on local news Channel 7 after winning 1st prize of  
$5,000 on America's Funniest Home Videos. This little Superstar               
Sugarglider (possum) has also made his appearance on local channel      
9, PetStar, twice on America's Funniest Home Videos, a  radio spot, and    
he even tryed out for Letterman. He's on a roll and performs stunts at
bithday parties and events. One of our most intriguing pets.
Buggy and Angel Netherland dwarf bunnies helped raise $50,000 for the
Katrina Relief Fund in June where they perfomed skateboard and magic
tricks for the crowd. Buggy is the mother of Angel. (right) Buggy got          
pregnant at a golf course on Easter while working a party. She was on      
her half a minute break.         
Resuce cat Scooby the 11yr. old Tabby performs effortlessly at schools,nursing homes, Libraries, and wherever he
can find a crowd.  He follows every command and waits for the next like a well trained dog.  Everyone who meets him
wants to take this cuddley teddybear home. His only bad habit is, he likes to sleep on your head.
MimiJo Pekingese trys out for       
PetStar for Mario Lopez.(left)  
The segment aired February
2005 (right) with a fourth place
win for the adorable canine. For
details on booking MimiJo's
comedy dog show or one of our
other fabulous shows, please go