The Savannah Cat
F1 Savannah Rikki owned by
Marjorie of Thomwren Cattery is
a 50% Serval and mother of my
Kabuki left.  Look at those
amazing lion eyes!!
Kabuki F2  Savannah 25%
Serval born Sept. 16th 2005.  
Watch Kabuki grow up
The Savannah cat is no doubt one of the most beautiful and stunning new breeds in the world resulting
from a crossbreed between the African Serval and domestic.  They are the largest domestic cat and and
also the tallest because of their long legs. Savannahs look like a cheetah with large ears and they are
extremely intelligent, very sweet, and love to be loved.  The Savannah needs room to play because they
are very athletic and can leap many feet into the air.  Don't expect a couch potato out of this breed.
African Serval Jabari is Kabuki's grandpa