ALC Leopard Cat
Notice the
difference between
Zoro from 12 weeks
on the left to 1 yr on
the right.

Coloring vibrant
Contrast amazing
Tail thickness x 3
Muscle tone
Overall beauty
The Bengal is an exotic looking cat with domestic temperament.
This breed is recognized for champion competition starting with
the fourth generation by most international domestic cat
associations such as TICA.

The Bengal's coat is as soft as velvet and shedding is minimal.
The background color can range from golden,
orange, rust, brown,tawny, buff or ivory.  Their spots can be
cocoa,rust, brown, charcoal, and black

The second Bengal patten is called marble.  This is created by
the combination of rosettes from the Asian Leopard Cat and the
domestic classic tabby pattern to produce a marbleized look.   
Both spotted and marble Bengals should have a horizontal flow.  
Bengals are very athletic, interactive with their master and
extremely intelligent and can be taught dog-like tricks like
fetching, jumping in the air, shaking hands, ect.
The wild Asian Leopard Cat(felis bengalensis) is found in southern Asia
as well as India,Korea, Phillipines, and many other countries. It is similiar
to the domestic cat, but has longer legs, a longer back, and weighs around
10lbs.  They have a relatively small head, short muzzle, large eyes, and a
thick tail. With their nocturnal behaviors, they prefer to live in the forest or
brush and make their dens in hollow trees and caves. The Asian Leopard
Cats love the water and are excellant fishers and swimmers. They also prey
on birds, tree shrews, and squirrels.

There are approximately 10 subspecies in which all have a spotted or ringed
tail, with a black tail tip, four black bands running from the forehead to the
back of the neck, breaking up into elongated spots on the neck and
often forming a " broken necklace". The round black ears have a white spot
the back, and all cats have a white underside, throat and cheek-flashes. The
underparts are spotted on the white background. The body markings can be
solid or rosetted and sometimes show marbling.
The Bengal Cat
Joykats Goldboy of Absolute Exotics

Bengal kittens go through what we call the fuzzy
stage which is comparable to the ugly duckling
before he turned into a beautiful swan. Bengal
kittens are sometimes the ugly ducking before they
get their adult stunning coats. Sometimes it is hard
to tell what a kitten will look like if they have major
fuzzies. Below is an example of the most extreme
fuzzy uglies I have seen so far. This is truely an
amazing transformation!!!! They all get better and
better as they mature.