Over 13lbs at only 9 months
Thomwrens Kabuki of Abambu Retires
Kabuki was our first  F2 Savannah Queen and
carries herself like an African Serval with
expressive shoulder blades when she struts.   

Everyone is in AWE when they see her enter
the room. She also performs various tricks.
We love you Buki and we miss you so much.
Abambu Savannah Queens
Barracuda is the daughter of our
Huge F1 Queen Jenga seen below.

She has had a few amazing kittens
that look like Cheetahs.

Dam:  Jenga of Abambu
Sire:  Tanz of Thomwren Cattery

F2 Queen Barracuda
Jenga F1 Savannah Queen:    Lives in Arizona with Marjorie
Savannah Queen  Jambu  (50% Siamese)  RETIRED
Bambi our new F2 Queen from
Caricats.  We are so excited to
have Jungle Cat in Bambi's